July in Santa CruzJuly 17, 2016

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by Jim Winters


Two new prints this month:

shopping center by the sea

Shopping Center-by-the-Sea
10-color reduction screenprint on paper, mounted on wooden panel
edition of 32


morning ritual

Morning Ritual
10-color reduction screenprint on paper, mounted on wooden panel
edition of 32



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Black is Beautiful!July 7, 2016

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by Jim Winters


black is beautiful


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Dinosaur: The Issue That Fell To EarthNovember 22, 2015

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by Jim Winters

Dinosaur Magazine, Fall 2015, Volume 2, Number 1

20 portraits in Dinosaur magazine’s David Bowie tribute issue. Two of them are hand-drawn (water soluble crayon on watercolor paper) and the remaining 18 are digital illustrations – looking a lot like screen prints – made layer by layer, in Illustrator.
(see Tilda.gif at the bottom of this post)

Dinosaur cover boy: Perfume Genius (Egon Shiele inspired photo spread by Steven Miller) and my drawings of Giorgio Moroder – now and then:


From Dinosaur’s first annual “50 Over 50 List”:

Prince, Iman and David Bowie by Jim Winters

Prince, Iman, David Bowie

Tilda Swinton, Mx. Justin Vivian Bond and Rei Kawakubo by Jim Winters

Tilda Swinton, Justin Vivian Bond, Rei Kawakubo

Debbie Harry, Nick Cave and Ai Weiwei by Jim Winters

Debbie Harry, Nick Cave, Ai Weiwei

Billy Idol, Viv Albertine, Vivienne Westwood

George Takei, Chuck Close, Bryan Ferry

Duff McKagan, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Michael Des Barres by Jim Winters

Duff McKagan, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Des Barres



Tilda Swinton by Jim Winters

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I’ve gone .GIF crazy!September 25, 2015

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by Jim Winters

Thanks to my good friend, Robbie Daniels aka Jer Ber Jones, who recently suggested that I try animating some of my paintings, I have binged on making animated .gifs of my prints, stickers and portraits. SO MUCH FUN!

The first four I made were of my reduction screen print landscapes of San Francisco. I scanned each color during the printing process, so the resulting .gif shows the prints being constructed, color by color.


18th & Taraval


Douglass Street


Ocean Park Motel


Van Ness and California


Then I moved on to portraits. I made one of a print I collaborated with Robbie on – a portrait of Caroline Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie (!) – and then on to portraits of my talented friends – Juanita MORE!, Kenny Mellman and Justin Vivian Bond (as Kiki & Herb).


Caroline by Jer Ber Jones


Rainbow Juanita MORE!


Kiki & Herb


My dearly departed friend, Gregory Nelson, also gets the treatment from a portrait on a sticker I made of him in the 1990’s (Golden Brown).


Golden Brown


My 2013 show, Presence, at the Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art featured 60+ reduction screen print portraits. I scanned each color during the process and my partner, Jeff Stallings, made a film of them blending into each other. You can see that film here.
I made this .gif which sort of acts the same way, but I love this one because it creates a kind of life-like portrait, (in this case, Jeff). I intend to animate more of the Presence portraits and also explore the idea of the animated portrait more in the future. Lots of exciting possibilities here!


Jeff Stallings


And, last but not least, a wee bit of atheist humor – my reduction screen print of Frankenstein and Jesus. Love this one! Not an intentional nod to the third album by the Dead Kennedys, but a nod nonetheless..


Silver & Gold


More to come!
Stay tuned..

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DINOSAUR magazine: Kate Pierson!June 22, 2015

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by Jim Winters

I just received my latest issue of DINOSAUR and it is BEAUTIFUL! Kate Pierson is on the cover (looking fantastic) and I can’t wait to read her interview. The B-52’s were so influential during my early, new wave years.. I also look forward to hearing her new, solo music – Guitars and Microphones. Go, Kate!


The last issue (volume 01, issue 03) featured my portrait and interview with icon, John Waters, and for this one I was asked to draw one of my favorite writers, Armistead Maupin, for a Q&A with Sean Timberlake. (I must admit I was thinking of the art of Tom of Finland when I made this piece. Even daddies need daddies..)


Also included in this issue are short pieces about San Francisco by current – and previous – residents. The photos are absolutely stunning and I do think I got the best layout. Thanks, Jamie Betts for the incredible images!


Congrats to Steven Gdula and the DINOSAUR crew for another gorgeous issue.
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