Tears of a ClownSeptember 10, 2017

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by Jim Winters

I reprised and augmented my clown show at NIAD in Richmond, CA. The opening reception was yesterday. What a great day and a fun party! Thanks to everyone who showed up, the crew at NIAD and especially to my friend, Tim Buckwalter, who is the Gallery Director there and who invited me to show my work.


puffo by jim winters


My husband, Jeff, made this fantastic video to promote the show and my good friend, Mihca aka SIEGFRIED&DESTROY, created a beautiful cover version of the song Tears of a Clown.


Jim Winters: Tears of a Clown from Jeff Stallings on Vimeo.


This my blah, blah, blah about the work:

I think clowns get a bad rap these days. Their image has transformed from the comic goofball into a horror icon (thanks in part to real-life serial murderer, John Wayne Gacy, novelist, Stephen King, and one of my favorite films, Killer Klowns from Outer Space). Most people now seem to have an ingrained aversion. Clowns can definitely be disturbing, I’ll give you that, but for me, therein lies both the charm and the frisson. I prefer to add my own (sometimes) sinister take on a wholesome-looking clown rather than see an outright creepy horror clown. That’s too easy and obvious. I thrill at the manic happiness, the slapstick silliness and most of all, the exaggerated sadness of the classic circus clown. The frowning clown holding a broken flower with a tear streaming down his cheek moves me.. Perhaps he is preemptively mourning his loss of status in the hierarchy of revered male entertainers. “You used to love me!”

A good friend recently said, “There is a thin line between a clown and a drag queen.” I totally agree. A clown is basically a type of masculine drag, but men wearing make-up in any context has a certain power. The clowns in this show are intended to amuse and unsettle, not to scare. (Is it even possible now for a clown to elicit subtle reactions?) The source material was vintage paint-by-number paintings and mid-century photographs. The death/suicide series is a clown graphic of my own.


tears of a clown by jim winters


tears of a clown video credits

niad and jim winters logos


Installation views:

jim winters clown show installation view 1

jim winters clown show installation view 2


Me and Tim on installation day:

jim and tim at niad


cram it clownie


My clown graphic, Mo the Clown:

mo the clown by jim winters

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I see clownsJune 1, 2017

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by Jim Winters
I just installed my lil’ clown show at the finest men’s shop in Santa Cruz – Stripe MEN. Such a pleasure working with the team there. Special thanks to Ry, Anne, Emily and Leda.
For those of you that aren’t in the area and can’t see the real deal, this post includes all of the images.
While I totally enjoyed making these paintings and screen prints, the piece I am most excited about is my collaboration with MarDawg Surfboards. You can check out mardawgsurf on Instagram.
surfboard mo

The paintings are all 5″x7″ and are Flashe on wooden panels.











Big Boy


The prints are 4 color reduction silkscreens measuring 8″ square.


Four Eyes
four eyes






Go ahead and watch this until you have a siezure! BOIOIOIOIOIOIOING!!!

i see clowns


Some installation views:

installation view 1

installation view 02

installation view 03

installation view 04

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Baxter & BlancheApril 29, 2017

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by Jim Winters

I just wrapped up a painting commission – a double portrait of 2 dogs. It was a great project and a surprise from one husband to another. I loved doing this painting and these guys are awesome – friends and long-time collectors of my work. Thanks Russ and Scott!



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Democratic Spotted HyenaFebruary 8, 2017

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by Jim Winters

I think it’s time to retire the jackass for a more potent Democratic animal symbol. How about the Spotted Hyena?
They are intelligent, they work together, and best of all: their clans are matriarchal.
Time to band together and take down the bloated beast!

From the website where I found the source photo:

“What makes the spotted hyena a dangerous competitor on the harsh savanna is it’s incredible bite force. Unlike lions and other big cats, who rely mainly on biting weak points such as the jugular on their prey, the spotted hyena will bite right through bone to kill and eat. With a bite force of up to 1100 PSI (over 7 times more powerful than a human bite), even the thickest bones are hardly a problem.”

democratic blue hyena

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Portraits: 2013-2016December 16, 2016

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by Jim Winters

I did a previous blog post featuring a range of my published portraits back in May of 2013. You can see it here.

Since that time, I have continued to make portraits – mostly as commissioned illustrations, drawings and paintings. I have done individual posts describing these various projects, but this one is more comprehensive and showcases some of the pieces I am most proud of.



Digital illustrations for Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) for an article on the 10 most in-demand innovators in digital fashion and e-commerce. You can read the online version here.


Tony King
tony king by jim winters

Sherri Haymond
sherri haymond by jim winters

Marie Gulin
marie gulin by jim winters

Bridget Nolan
brdget nolan by jim winters

Mike Lee
mike lee by jim winters

Muge Dogan
muge dogan by jim winters

Claudia Soare
claudia soare

Dan Heaf
dan heaf by jim winters


Sabato & Rocco
Acrylic on panels
12″x12″ each
painting commissions

sabato by jim winters

rocco by jim winters



Digital illustrations for a ’50 Over 50′ list in Dinosaur Magazine Intl. The issue was also a David Bowie tribute.

dinosaur magazine index

david bowie 50 over 50

prince by jim winters

Ai Weiwei
ai weiwei by jim winters

Tilda Swinton
tilda swinton by jim winters

Justin Vivian Bond
justin vivian bond by jim winters

Nick Cave

Chuck Close


Portrait drawing of Armistead Maupin for Dinosaur Magazine Intl.

armistead maupin by jim winters


Water soluble crayon on paper
portrait commission




San Francisco icon, Juanita MORE!, hosted a 60th birthday party for another San Francisco icon, activist and author Cleve Jones. These portraits were made for the promotional materials for the event.

Portrait drawing of Cleve

cleve jones by jim Winters

Digital illustration of Juanita

juanita more!


Full color portrait drawing of film maker, author and “filth elder”, John Waters, for Dinosaur Magazine Intl.


Spot portrait illustrations for Men’s Health magazine.

Kyle Bailey
kyle bailey

Michael Ruhlman
michael ruhlman

Lidia Bastianich

Mike Roussell
mike rousell by jim winters

Tony Gentilcore
tony gentilcore by jim winters

Mario Batali



Catalog for my solo exhibition of reduction screen print portraits at the Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art.

presence by jim winters at pjma

Scarlett Johansson & Eli
5 color reduction screen prints on paper
6″ diameter

scarlett johansson by jim winters

eli by jim winters


Belle & Faye
5 color reduction screen prints on paper
8″ diameter
portrait commissions

belle by jim winters

faye by jim winters


5 color reduction screen print on paper
portrait commission

jeri by jim winters


Digital portrait illustration used as a promotional sticker.

dave end by jim winters


Digital dog portrait for Bay Woof magazine.

otis by jim winters


Portrait drawing for Men’s Health magazine.

Jim Smith
jim smith by jim winters


Fan Art
Flashe on canvas
Painting commission

(Björk from the cover of her 1997 album, Homogenic. Original photo by Nick Knight.)

fan art by jim winters

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