Living the DreamSeptember 27, 2016

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by Jim Winters

I have a show opening next week here in Santa Cruz. This is my first solo exhibition since Presence at the Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art in the winter of 2013/14.

That show was about people in my life, personal influences and the memory of relationships. This show documents the place where I live now – evidence that I am here. A sort of continuation of my Travelogue series of land and cityscapes.

People come to the Monterey Bay area to enjoy themselves. Living here is like being on a permanent vacation. I feel extremely fortunate to have ended up here. It is a special place.

Many years ago, a close friend said that I always managed to live somewhere that seemed like it could be in a David Lynch film. I always loved that she said that and feel that Santa Cruz is no different. On the surface everything seems wholesome and friendly, but there is more than meets the eye here if you look closely. Not that I am specifically looking for a sinister dark side.. well, maybe.. but it is the potential for one that interests me more. It is this idea that my friend was getting at when she made this comment to me so long ago.

I want this work to contribute to the myth of Santa Cruz as an iconic and idealized California coastal town. In addition to the expected beach scenes, sunsets and amusement park rides, my views also include the nearby power plant, a shopping center parking lot, a motel, a liquor store and a dispensary. Something for everyone!

There is beauty in the banal.

Paradise has a flip side (for balance).


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